Welcome to Springleaf!

We are excited to have you as a new customer and look forward to a great relationship. Here are the answers to questions you may have about the transfer of your loan to Springleaf, including:

  • Contact information
  • Payment options
  • Reading your new billing statement
  • mySpringleaf online account management

Questions? If you have any questions about your Springleaf account, please call Springleaf at 1-800-742-5465.


Where do I mail my payment?

Mail your payment to the address printed on your new Springleaf billing statement. You can also pay by phone, at any Walmart * store at the Customer Service Desk, or on our website at Springleaf.com.

*A fee of $1.00-$1.50 is charged on payments made at Walmart locations. Give your loan account number and name to the Customer Service Center representative and let them know that you are making a "CheckFree" payment on your Springleaf Financial Services account.


I'm enrolled in HSBC's EZ Pay - do I have to re-enroll with Springleaf?

No, we've made it simple by transferring your HSBC EZ Pay enrollment to Springleaf. Your monthly payment will be automatically deducted from the account you have already designated. If you're not enrolled in EZ Pay, click here to sign up for Springleaf's version of EZ Pay called Direct Pay.

 I would like to borrow more money. Can you help me with that?

Please visit your nearest Springleaf Financial Services branch, or apply for a personal loan now.


How do I read my Springleaf billing statement?

Your billing statement is your personal connection to managing your account and staying in touch with Springleaf. You will receive a statement each month showing the amount of your next payment, the date it's due and other important information about your account. This page will guide you through the statement. Of course if you have any questions, just give us a call. We're looking forward to serving all your financial needs.

How to read your statement


What other online options are available @ Springleaf.com?

From personal loans to recommending us to your friends - we look forward to becoming your answer to all your financial questions - 24/7:


What is mySpringleaf?

mySpringleaf is an online tool at Springleaf.com to help you better understand your account. Through mySpringleaf, you can view your last three months of billing statements online*, apply for a new personal loan, make your payment and manage payment accounts in one convenient place.

* Please note that you will only be able to access Springleaf billing statements; HSBC, HFC or Beneficial statements will not be available.


What payment options are available?

We're committed to continually looking for ways to make doing business with us as easy and convenient as possible. Pick a payment option that works best for you:

  • Online. Enroll at account.Springleaf.com with your new account number.
  • Direct Pay. Make automatic payments from your checking or savings account - leaving you with less to worry about and more free time. Getting started with Direct Pay is easy. If you used HSBC's EZ Pay Program you're already enrolled! If not, just complete the online Direct Pay form.
  • Mobile. Make a payment from your smartphone.
  • Mail. Mail your payment to the address listed on your billing statement.
  • Walmart . Take your Springleaf loan account number to any Walmart Customer Service Desk to make a CheckFree payment. A fee of $1.00-$1.50 is charged on payments made at Walmart locations.
  • Phone. Please call 1-800-742-5465 to make a payment by phone.



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